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Sale and Installation of security cameras in White Plains New York.

Installation of security cameras in White Plains New York and Westchester County in NY, Connecticut and New Jersey. Sale of surveillance cameras for the office and home. We have for sale NVRs Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and Onvif. Also cameras PoE and Onvif cameras for security systems, wireless and ethernet cable surveillance cameras, dome or bullet CCTV cameras, PTZ cameras, IP cameras, spy cameras, night vision cameras, also cables , accessories for security cameras and power boxes to connect 4, 9, 16 or 32 analog security cameras.

Surveillance cameras can be viewed online on Android and Apple phones. The cameras can also be viewed and accessed on tablets, laptops and on any Windows and Apple computer.

Stoppayless offers CCTV surveillance systems with 4, 8, 16 and 32 PoE surveillance cameras, connected to one or more monitors. Onvif cameras with focus and automatic image stabilizer, sending push notifications when the camera detects movement. DVR or NVR connected via Internet for remote monitoring.

The price of a security camera varies according to its design and technology:


Camera price according to design: a surveillance camera can be for internal or external use: PTZ camera with vertical and horizontal displacement, cameras for NVR or DVR, cameras with memory and functions of a NVR to work without a NVR or DVR, cameras dome, bullet camera, mini camera or spy camera.

Camera price based on technology: lens type, focal length, camera resolution, camera image quality in the dark, distance from which it detects motion, PoE (Powered Via Ethernet), Onvif cameras, thermal sensor cameras, internal memory, analog or digital cameras, number of mega pixels for image capture, zoom range, sensor technology, number of sensors, cameras with or without movement vertical and horizontal. If the camera can take photos or record a video from your smartphone the instant an event occurs. Also if it is possible to change the configuration of the DVR through the Internet and the number of users who see the cameras at the same time. Also if the surveillance camera can send to your email or upload the images to a server if it detects movement. Also if they have audio included. All these features and many more make the difference in price in a surveillance camera or a complete CCTV system.

We install security cameras in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. We also assist in the installation of complete systems with security cameras over the Internet with remote access so that you can install the cameras yourself and save a lot of money.


We have technicians available for the installation of security cameras with technical support 24/7 days a week.

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