Desktop Computer Repair in White Plains New York

Repair of desktop computers only with Windows operating system. We repair HP computer, Acer computer repair, Dell computer repair, Lenovo computer repair and many more. We offer free diagnostic technical service with technicians over the internet with remote access and / or video conferencing.

For computer diagnostic service, you must first make a service request to our support department.

Our home and office computer repair and laptop repair service is a computer repair service in White Plains New York and near us with expert desktop and laptop technicians. Our technicians tune up your desktop computer. Our technicians are experts in Windows, hardware, software and virus removal.

We work in the solution of software problems, security patches, maintenance of the Windows operating system, virus removal, updates, security issues, installation of peripheral devices such as: printers, scanner, router, swiches and repair of desktop computer in general with remote access to anywhere in the world with computer technicians in the English language or computer technicians in Spanish. Also Technical support with technicians in restoring your Windows operating system in case of serious problem or damage of computer hard drive.

The repair of a desktop computer can be divided into four main aspects as follows:

1) Diagnosis and virus removal in case this is the problem of your desktop computer. Also updating and configuring your antivirus (A large part of computer problems is due to viruses).

2) Repair and maintenance of the Windows operating system that includes updates, security patches and the Windows firewall as a priority. Also maintenance and solutions to security problems of the browsers installed on your computer such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.

3) Software and / or Hardware problems. Many devices installed on the computer are not properly updated or installed and cause problems on a device. Also the installed drivers or drivers do not correspond to the Windows version (Drivers for Windows 32 or 64 Bits).

4) Hardware problems like damage to hard disk, memory, processor, graphics card, power supply, overheating problems due to fan. Problems with the wifi or ethernet connection; etc.

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